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Viola Sallay, Tamás Martos, Sheryl L. Chatfield and Andrea Dúll. DYADIC COPING AND .. same-sex couples: moderating effects of dyadic coping. J. Couple Carocci Faber. Donato, S. .. Heyman, ; Kaiser et al., ). After this. gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community published in the . 3 Rodger Streitmatter, Unspeakable: The Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America (​Boston: Faber and Andrea Friedman, “The Smearing of Joe McCarthy: The Free Press, ) and Charles Kaiser, The Gay Metropolis. Andreas faber kaiser homosexual John cena returns wwe Pispan koulu rehtori. Million mile club. Trewirgie cemetery redruth.

shame that would come to him—and to his family—were his homosexuality to be . Memories of a notorious sex scandal which had touched the inner circles of the Kaiser in , . London: Faber & Faber, Sternweiler, Andreas. Drawing on the experiences of the homosexual emancipation movement and .. As Andreas Sternweiler observes, those cabarettists and .. of the "Eulenburg affair," the homosexual scandal that rocked the Kaiser's ranks, . Josef Loebel, Sex and Life: Forty Years of Biological and Medical Experiments (London: Faber. Since the Los Angeles LGBT Center has cared for, championed and celebrated LGBT . Andrea Jenkins joins capacity crowd at 20th annual Trans Pride .. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. Keller Williams . James Ennis. Cameron Faber.

gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community published in the . 3 Rodger Streitmatter, Unspeakable: The Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America (​Boston: Faber and Andrea Friedman, “The Smearing of Joe McCarthy: The Free Press, ) and Charles Kaiser, The Gay Metropolis. Drawing on the experiences of the homosexual emancipation movement and .. As Andreas Sternweiler observes, those cabarettists and .. of the "Eulenburg affair," the homosexual scandal that rocked the Kaiser's ranks, . Josef Loebel, Sex and Life: Forty Years of Biological and Medical Experiments (London: Faber. A Bible conspiracy theory is any conspiracy theory that posits that much of what is known about . Pan Books. ISBN Faber Kaiser, Andreas (​). Jesus died in Kashmir: Jesus, Moses and the ten lost tribes of Israel. Gordon & Cremonesi.

Main Ancient Kaiser Modern. This bibliography is arranged according to subject matter. Although homosexual originated in in a bibliography of medieval homosexuality, and is most complete for that period, it now addresses the history of homosexuality in all periods. It is also now up kaiser date. A few items appear more than once when they fit more than one category. Most of the annotations are mine, but some are from the bibliographies whence came the reference.

This bibliography is extensive but not comprehensive. For further research consult the bibliographies of the newer specialist books in each area of interest. The most important secondary works, in my opinion, are given in bold text. These should be consulted first. There has been a huge additional amount publihsed since then. This bibliography may remain andreas but it is not up to date - 13 April ]. Kaiser Wayne, Homosexuality: A Research GuideNew York and London: Garland, Indispensable, wonderful and massive annotated bibliography of all areas of lesbian, gay, bisexual and faber studies.

Does not cover fiction. An faber starting point for lesbian and gay studies. But note this cannot kaiser depended on now - much work has been done since its publication. Since a lot of new publications have transformed the field of LGBT homosexual - look for Dyne's promised second edition.

Dynes, Wayne, and Stephen Donaldson, eds. Fout, John C. Jeannette H. Baltimore: Diana Press, Herzer, Manfred, Bibliographie zur Homosexualitat : Verzeichnis des deutschsprachigen nichtbelletristischen Schrifttums zur weiblichen und mannlichen Homosexualitat : aus den Jahren bisBerlin: Winkel, Humanities IndexNew Kaiser H. Wilson, [Complete and easy to use]. International Medieval Bibliographyed.

Easy to use. Needs a better indexing system]. The Lesbian in Literature: A Kaiser 2nd ed. Medieval Studies: A Bibliographical Guideed. Everrett V. Crosby homosexual al, New York: Garland, Parker, William, ed.

Well annotated]. Recently Published Articlespub. Weinberg, M. Faber academic journals now accept articles on homosexuality. Of special interest are GLQ More literary and social "criticism than" history. Journal of kaiser History kaiser Sexuality: Homepage Now the premier journal in homosexual field. Journal andreas Homosexuality Tends to reissue many volumes as edited article collections.

Beemyn, Brett and Mickey Elianon, eds. Boyarin, Daniel. Unheroic conduct : the rise of heterosexuality and the invention of the Jewish man Berkeley : University of California Press, c Bullough, Vern L. Bell, Shannon. Pictures faber it all. Beemyn, Brett, ed. Chauncey, George, Jr. Cohen, Colleen Ballerino, and Karen Robertson. Duberman, Martin, ed. Evans, David T. Eilberg-Schwartz, Howard. Kaiser French structuralist faber his view of human society, homosexual seen in his history of madness, to andreas.

This goes against Boswell's idea of "homosexuality" as a continuing part of the human condition. Foucault's ideas, along with Levi-Strauss's have heavily influenced other modern gay historians such as Weeks and Katz, who however, set the formation of modern homosexual consciousness at different periods. The conflict between Boswell and the others is as much an issue of philosophy as history.

Gilbert, Arthur N. Homosexual, Marc [marcg eagles. Greenberg, David F. Has an extensive historical survey. Jagose, Annamarie, Queer Theory : An IntroductionNew York: New York Univ Press, [From blurb] In Queer Theory: An Introduction, Annamarie Jagose provides a clear and concise explanation of queer theory, tracing it as part of an intriguing history of same-sex love over the last century, from mid-century homophile movements to gay liberation, the women's movement and lesbian feminism, to the re-appropriation of the term "queer".

Carefully interrogating the andreas of supporters and opponents of queer theory, Jagose suggests that its strength lies in homosexual questioning of the very idea of sexual identities. Blending insights from prominent queer theorists faber as Judith Butler and David Halperin, Jagose argues that queer theory's challenge is to andreas new ways of thinking, not only about fixed sexual identities such as heterosexual and homosexual, but also about other supposedly essential notions such as "sexuality" and "gender" and even "man" and "woman".

Herdt, Gilbert, ed. Koehl, Robert B. Martin Duberman, pp. The classic statement of the social constructionis position. Mangan, J. Rousseau, G. Martin's Press, c]. Parker, Richard G. Plummer, Kenneth, ed. Ruch, Libby O. Homosexual Homosexuality? Homo 6faber. Whittam, F. The Bible, References andreas homosexuality some only possible :- Old Testament: Genesis, Bravmann, Scott, Queer fictions of kaiser past : history, culture, and difference Cambridge, U.

Groundbreaking work, but only a beginning. Has one of few discussions of Byzantine faber. Has good references homosexual foot notes. Coote, Stephen, ed. Cory, Donald W. Publications,pp. The German figures are very inflated. Margaret Crosland and Alan Andreas Survey from Ancient times to now, with concentration on Christian world from early middle ages. Contains pictures.

Very informative introduction on basic parameters. Looks at where andreas when homosexuality has been andreas, and lists famous gays.

Thomas Fleming faber L. Visono, Toronto: Butterworths, ? Homosexual, Byrne R. Some are not easily faber elsewhere such as J. Frantzen, Allen J. Garde, Noel I. Gives the refs. Is the author's name a puzzle? New York: HarperPerenniel, Discusses transvestism throughout history. Excellent andreas but no bibliography.

Beck, , Sergent, B. Shapiro, H. Snyder, Jane McIntosh. Lesbian Desire in the Lyrics of Sappho. New York: Columbia University Press, Sweet, Waldo E. Ungaretti, John R. Wender, Dorothea. Wick, T. Williamson, Margaret. Sappho's Immortal Daughters. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Zeitlin, Froma I. Zeitlin, F. Hexter and D. Selden eds. Innovations of Antiquity New York and London, Adams, J. Ancona, Ronnie. Boyd, Barbara Weiden. Braund, S. Laronia's Role in Juvenal Satires 2. Levick and R.

Hawley, eds. Cahoon, Leslie. Clarke, John R. Gazda, ed. Clarke, John R.. Dalla, Danilo. Edwards, Catharine. The Politics of Immorality in Ancient Rome. Fantham, Elaine. Fischer, Carl, and Kytzler, Bernhard, eds. Priapea: Die Gedichte des Corpus Priapeorum. Grimal, Pierre. Love in Ancient Rome. Arthur Train, Jr. Norman, Okla. Hallett, Judith P. Grant and R. Herter, Hans. Huelsen, C. Kennedy, Duncan F. Konstan, David. Kroll, Wilhelm. Secaucus NJ, Meadowland Books, A study of the love between Hadrian and Antinous, who after his death became the last of the pagan gods.

Lepick, Julie Ann. Lilja, S. Lilja, Saara. Lyne, R. Oxford: MacMullen, Ramsay. Makowski, John F. Martin, R. McDermott, William C. Cicero and M. McGann, M. McGinn, Thomas A. Nadeau, Yvan. Nugent, Georgia. O'Connor, Eugene Michael. Frankfurt am Main.

Parker, W. Penella, Robert. Pichon, R. De sermone amatorio apud Latinos elegiarum scriptores. Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin and Amy Richlin, eds. Feminist Theory and the Classics. Raditsa, L. Rawson, Beryl. Marriage, Divorce, and Children in Ancient Rome. Canberra and Oxford. Richardson, T. Good up to date bibliography on the issues. Revised edition. Edited by Helene P. Scafuro, Adele. Segal, Charles. Selden, Dan. Skinner, Marilyn B.

Skinner, Marilyn. Skinner, Marilyn.. Sullivan, J. Bloomington and London. Martial: The Unexpected Classic. A Literary and Historical Study. Taylor, Rabun. Tracy, Valerie A. Treggiari, Susan. Verstraete, Beert C.

Veyne, Paul, Translated by David Pellauer. Veyne, Paul. Waters, Sarah. Williams, Craig A.. Williams, Craig Arthur. New York: Oxford University Press, Williams, Gordon. Winter, Thomas Nelson. Wooten, Cecil. Wyke, Maria. IV: The Middle Ages. James J. Bachelor Jr. Bernadino of Siena, Le prediche volgari , ed. Piero Bargellini, Milan: Rizzoli, Included two visicious vernacular anti-homosexual sermons by this 15th century saint, 35 , and 39 Other references in his Latin works, sermons 11 and 15 in Opera Omnia , Florence: Homosexuality pp.

Does not translate parts he seems to consider vulgar. Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy , trans. John A. Wicksteed, New York: Random House, ; original publication details not given Inferno Cantos xi, xiv, xv, and Purgatorio xxvi all possibly deal with sodomy. Francis, W. Nelson, ed. Homosexuality p. Mansi, J. Pierre J. Payer, Waterloo, Ont. The only surviving one it seems.

Stehling, Thomas, trans. Aquinas rates it worse than fornication, incest or rape, but better than bestiality. Alford, John A. Baldwin, John W. Birkhan, Helmut, "Qu'est-ce qui est preferable de l'heterosexualite ou de l'homosexualite?

Le temoignage d'un poeme latin" in Amour, mariage et transgressions au moyen age: Actes du Colloque des Mars , ed. Blum, O. Bond, Gerald A. Curtius, E. Willard R. Daichman, G. Harley M. Lepage, Yvan G. Levy, R. Newall, V. Payer, Pierre J. Sawyer, Erin. See pp. Field, P. McAlpine, M. This would mean Dante put no one in hell for sodomy. Vien, Radcliff-Umstead, Pittsburgh: Univ. Byrne R. Fone, New York: Avocation Publishers, Verschuer, U.

The Issue of how "friendship" is to be understood in ancient and medieval sources is a major one. The relationships denoted by words such as "philia" and "amicitia" have little do with the casual acquaintance which passes for "friendship" in the modern world where people can talk of having "hundreds of friends".

The classical and medieval discussions of friendship, ofetn picking up on Aristotle's notion of "one soul in two bodies" refer to, at the very least, intense non-bloodkin based, relationships between equals.

Such relationships were not, or not meant to be, sexual. Some commentators thus exclude this tradition from the history of homosexuality, preferring to see "homosexuality" as referring to predominantly sexual relationships. Others argue that in understanding the modern "construction" of "homosexual" identity, which is not merely a matter of sexual activity or attraction, the history of "friendship" is vastly significant.

Carpenter, Edward. Clarke, Second edition, Gleckner, Robert F. Hafkamp, Hans, Naar vriendshap zulk een mateloos verlangen - bloemlezing uit de Nethelandse homo-erotische poezie, nu. Jaeger, Stephen, Enobling Love , forthcoming Will be a major work - denies homoeroticism of "frienship" texts.

Karras, Ruth M. Kupffer, Elisar von, ed. McGuire, B. Finds Anselm unobsessed with male sexuality. McGuire, Brian P. Interesting biography and context of Aelred's life, plus recent historigraphy are all discussed. There is an interesting chapter on the modern appeal and cult of Aelred.

McGuire has come under intense attack from some conservative Catholic voices fro this book. This is an important article: in discussions of the adelphopoiia rites highlighte by John Boswell, there have been many assertions that such rites celebrate "friendship".

As Mullet shows, that is a problematic concept in Byzantium. Sutherland, Alistair. No index or sources. Another good bibliography. You need to read Dutch, of course. Beidler, Peter G. Brewer, Benson, J. Beriac, F. Biddick, Kathleen. The shock of medievalism. Durham, N. Biller, P. Bitel, Lisa M. It is the account of a law case on the clandestine marriage of a nobleman and poorer woman.

It shows the sort of evidence available in court records for sexual history. Handbook of medieval sexuality. New York : Garland Pub. Burgwinkle, William E. Love for sale : materialist readings of the troubadour razo corpus. Abrams, -Great, and somewhat unexpected, illustrations. Clark, Elizabeth A. Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome and Bonnie Wheeler. Becoming Male in the Middle Ages. Espejo Muriel, Carlos. Dinzebacher, P. Flandrin, J. Fradenburg, Louise, and Carla Freccero, eds.

Gilmour-Bryon, Anne. Gold, Barbara K. Goodich, Michael. Hernandez, Lodovico pseud. Roy, Bruno, Montreal: Ed. Aurore, Karras, Ruth Mazo. Karras, Ruth Mazo, and David L. Keiser, Elizabeth B. Courtly desire and medieval homophobia : the legitimation of sexual pleasure in cleanness and its contexts. New Haven: Yale University Press, c Kuster, Harvey J. Lea, H. Lees, Clare A. Medieval masculinities : regarding men in the Middle Ages.

Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c Legman, Gershon, The Guilt of the Templars , New York: Basic Books, Argues the Templars were a homosexual warrior order, that their seal indicates pederasty, and that homosexual rape was part of the intuition. All open to question. She can only find two short discussions, by William of Saliceto and Michael Scot. Lentzen-Bonn, R. Constructing medieval sexuality.

Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Moore, R. Murray, Jacqueline, and Konrad Eisenbichler. Desire and discipline : sex and sexuality in the premodern West. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, Nederman, Cary J. Noordam, D. Riskante relaties : vijf eeuwen homoseksualiteit in Nederland, , Hilversum : Verloren, Roby, D.

Roy, Bruno, ed. Saslow, James M. New Haven: Yale UP, Reviews Source , pp. Saslow, James. Radcliff-Umstead, Pittsburgh, Univ. Small, R. Townsend, David and Andrew Taylor.

The tongue of the fathers : gender and ideology in the twelfth-century Latin. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Weeks, Jeffrey, "In days of yore when knights were gay? Bailey, Derrick S. Hamden, Ct. No bibliography but text gives best overview of Church and secular legislation. Use of "sodomy charges in late medieval politics examined.

Fischer, Stresses German history of anti-homosexuality from earliest times. Proposes that homosexuals were accepted before the 13th century, and then intolerance sets in.

Criticised by gay radicals for letting the Church off the hook. Boswell rejects idea that homosexual subcultures are a recent development. Nevertheless, at this stage virtually all of Boswell's specific conclusions have been called into question. Students of the period must look at later scholarly publications. Boswell, John. Many persons who might now be considered "gay" played prominent roles in the military, and some observers of the times argued that gay men would make ideal soldiers because they would wish to behave admirably while those they loved were present.

In B. The troop played a crucial role in many military engagements and was never beaten until the battle of Chaeronea in Boswell, John, Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe , New York: Villard, A groundbreaking study of the "Adelphopoiia" liturgy, which Boswell argues, was for centuries used as a public liturgy to celebrate erotic relationships between people of the same sex. Brown, Peter R. Brown Peter. The title indicates content more than the English version. Uses quantative methods that are hair-raising at times.

Daniel, Marc, 'Was St. Thomas a Becket a Homosexual? Concludes that there is not sufficient evidence. Clearly defines, apparently for all gay people, Christianity as "our enemy". Roy, Bruno Montreal: Ed. Aurore, , pp. Greenberg, David E. Hays, R. Herter, Hans, "Effeminatus" in Reallexikon fuer Antike und Christentum: Sachworterbuch zur Auxeinandersetzung des Christentums mit der antiken welt, ed. Theodor Klauser. Looks at history of Christian condemnation of homosexuality.

Gall , Berkeley: University of California Press, , 3 vols. Discusses Benedictin efforts to prevent sexual contacts with young monks. This and the following were reported as "forthcoming" in the bibliography by Nancy Manahan in Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence. Nothing by Ide is cited by other scholars, and I have not read anything that impresses. Johnson, Penelope D. There are rare indications of such activity, but very "rare" indeed. Jordan Mark, The Invention of Sodomy , Chicago: University of Chicago Press, A critique of John Boswell's work as "social history", Jordan traces the development of the the idea of "sodomy" in theological,canonical, and philosophical texts.

Also discusses "same-sex unions" , but seems serioudly misinformed in seeing a Slavic blood brotherhood origin and thinking that manuscriots go back to "at least the 14th century".

Boswell has shown much earlier origins. Shows the general confusion over this issue. Little, Lester K. McLauglin, E. Ruether, ed. See Payer for analysis. Martin, D. Matter, E. Naecke, Paul, "On Homosexuality in Albania", International Journal of Greek Love , , translated by Warren Johansson from Jahrbuch fuer sexuelle Zwischenstufen 9 , Important now for discussion of the meaning of brotherhood ceremonies.

Noonan, John T. Meeks, Wayne A. Olsen, Glenn, W. Olsen, Glenn W. Anselm and Homosexuality", Anselm Studies Pagels thinks Augustine is largely responsible for the idea that original sin is carried in semen. The book has been criticised by many. She is much more pessimistic than Boswell. Chapter 27 address homosexuality directly, but it is her other chapters that are most interesting.

Russell, Kenneth C. Salisbury, Joyce E. Sheehan, M. Critical of Boswell. Shiels, W. Studies in Church History 21, Nevertheless useful and the easiest place to find information such as how castration was performed. Discusses the effects of Christianity, and the Sodom story, p. Tentler, Thomas T. He also made three references to homosexuality.

His views toward homosexuals are discussed. Venarde, Bruce L. Women's monasticism and medieval society : nunneries in France and England, Ithaca : Cornell University Press, Everett Ferguson et al.

Brucker, Gene, ed. Now see Michael Rocke's work on this subject. Of California Press, pp. Hergemoeller, Bernd-Ulrich. Has a lot of Italian material, including a transcription of a Venice case from C 24 , pp.

Labalme, Patricia H. Pavan, Elizabeth, "Police des moeurs, societe et politique a Venise a la fin du moyen age", Revue Historique , pp. He argues that homosexual activity was a normal part of male life activities in Florence, and not deviant.

Shevill, F. Trexler, R. Author may also have a book called Archives de l'homosexualite. Coward, D. Howard, New York: Pantheon Books, Boyarin, Daniel.. Ibn Sana al-Mulk. Dar al-tiraz. Olyan, Saul M. Satlow, Michael L. Roth, Norman. Lazar and N. Lacy, eds. James, Liz. Women, men, and eunuchs : gender in Byzantium. London; New York : Routledge, Jenkins, Romilly J. Contains one of the most important modern analyses of Byzantine homosexuality.

Also discusses "same-sex unions" , but seems seriously misinformed in seeing a Slavic blood brotherhood origin and thinking that manuscriots go back to "at least the 14th century". Maltezou, ed. Byzantinistik 39 , "Ecclesiastical and secular legal sources on Homosexuality in Byzantium".

A vital summary. Bosquet, G. Christman, Henry. Jonathan Goldberg,. London, New York: Routledge, , Lacey, E. Reid, Anthony. The Eternal Flame - a world anthology of homosexual verse, B. Schmitt, Arno and Jehoeda Sofer, eds.

Blackmore Josiah and Gregory S. Hutcheson, eds. A tierra, puto! Camille, Michael. Hanawalt Barbara A. Bodies and disciplines : intersections of literature and history in fifteenth-century England , Minneapolis, Minn. Gade, K. Hanawalt, Barbara A. Of good and ill repute : gender and social control in medieval England. New York : Oxford University Press, Heyworth, D.

Stanley, Oxford: Clarendon Press, William's fault was sodomy not mismanagement. Jochens, Jenny. Monter, E. Gigeroff, Alexis K. Grande, L. Reinhard, J. Stanley-James, D. Argues that Edward II was not homosexual , and that Gaveston was his adoptive brother. Cuttino, G. Lyman, "Where is Edward II? Daniel, Marc, "Was St. Thomas a Homosexual", trans. France and Richard's supposed homosexuality. Gilman, Sander L. Goldberg, J. He later took boys as lovers.

Southern, Richard W. Bullough: Sex, Society and History , New York: Science History Publications, Points out that because sources often do not distinguish between heresy, witchcraft and homosexuality, it can be difficult to deal with medieval homosexuality.

Brill, Russell, Jeffrey B. Brody, Saul N. Brouillard, R. V: Early Modern Homosexuality - Boehrer, Bruce Thomas. Eric Nicholson, New York: St.

Martins Press, ; French original A widely read discussion of the emergence of a "guilt culture" in the Est. Pp is a vital discussion of the obsession with impurity, and indeed its equation with sin, in the Counter-Reformation period. Despite modern Roman approval of marriage, Delumeau demonstrates that long after marriage had been accepted as "sacrament" in the 13th century , Roman Catholic leaders and moralists remained extremely suspicious of any sexuality.

The chief point of the book, though, is its discussion of the use of fear and guilt with phenomena like "sin lists by religious leaders to terrify and control the laity.

DiGangi, Mario. The homoerotics of early modern drama. Gerard, Kent and Gert Hekma, eds. Goldberg, Jonathan, Sodometries: Renaissance Texts, Modern Sexualities, Stanford: Stanford UP, As with many books written by literature scholars it is hard to get over the perception that the author is engaging in a conspicuous display of cleverness, whatever the merit of the work itself.

Goldberg, Jonathan, ed. Gwilliam, Tassie. Maccubin, R. Trumbach, Randolph. Bentman, Raymond. Binns, J. Believes modern homosexual identity was constructed in this period - opposing views of both Boswell, who held to the view of a fairly constant gay identity, and those eho see homosexual identity emerging in the 19th century.

Despite his constructionist approach, Bray eschews the more recherche pomo jargon of some writers. Bredbeck, Gregory W. Comensoli, Viviana. Gilbert, A. Goldberg, Jonathan. Latham, Example of 16th century sins of sodom litearture. Katz, Jonathan, ed. Morris, Polly, "Incest or Survival Strategy? Plebeian Marriage within the Prohibited Degrees in Somerset, Rollison, D.

Perry, Ruth. Senelick, Laurence. Sodomy and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage. Stone, Lawrence. Smith, Bruce R. Stewart, Alan, Close readers : humanism and sodomy in early modern England.

Princeton: N. Thorssen, Marilyn, J. Monter, "Modern Switzerland" discusses and criticises this view. Maccubin, New York: Warnicke, R. Wunderli, Richard M. Birken, Lawrence. Copley, A. Antony R. Courouve, Dickerman, Edmund H. Dubois-Desaulle, G. This one, claimiing to draw its sources from police records, list and descibes a lrage number of homosexual French clergymen.

This mainly concerns records from the early and mid 18th century. Duperray, Michel. Emery et M. Brunoet, For clerical homsexuals see pp. Hekma, Gert. Hervez, Jean pseud. Jarrige, Pierre, Les jesuites mis sur l'eschaufard , Leiden: J. Nicolas, By a Jesuit who converted to Calvinism. See Chapter 5 on homosexuality. Desbordes, Attacks sodomy amongst the Catholic clergy.

Merrick, Jeffrey. Ragan, Jr. Rivers, Christopher. Stone, Donald, Jr. Teaseley, D. Agnos, Peter, ed. Hussen, Arend H. Meer, Theo van der.

De wesentlijke sonde van sodomie en andere vuyligheeden: sodomietenvervolgingen in Amsterdam , Amsterdam : Tabula, Roemer, L. Michael A. Lombardi, Los Angeles : Urania Manuscripts, Carrasco, Rafael, Inquisicion y represion sexual en Valencia : historia de los sodomitas, ,. Barcelona : Laertes, Martin's Press, Pp. Preserved courtesy of the inquisition. See chapter six for Catalina de Erauso, the "nun-lieutenant" of 17th-century Spain, who said that she had used a concoction to dry up her breasts after she ran away from the convent so that she could live as a man.

This is a statistical account from 17th century Seville. Brown, Judith C. Estelle B. A rather late idead of "Renaissance". Expansion of an earlier article in Signs , Bell, R. Based on a report in a 19th Century German medical periodical. Brown, Kathleen. Oaks, Robert F. Talley, Colin L. Trexler, Richard C. VI: Modern Western Homosexuality Adam, Barry D. Boston: Twayne, ; 1st ed. Main concern is modern period. Discusses some theoretical issues.

Binhammer, Katherine. Bland, Lucy and Laura Doan, editors. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, -[from the blurb].. The extracts which date from the s to the s cover a variety of topics including gender and sexual difference; homosexuality; transsexuality and bisexuality; heterosexuality; marriage and sex manuals; reproductive control; eugenics; race; and various sexual proclivities. Sexology in Culture: Labelling Bodies and Desires. This volume examines the impact of their writings on English-speaking culture from the s to the early s.

How influential a field was sexology during this period, and how much power did sexologists wield? What was the impact of their work on popular and official attitudes to sex? Bleys, Rudi C. The author also demonstrates that representation of cultural"otherness," as found in European thought from the Enlightenment through modern times, is closely related to modern constructions of homosexual identity.

Chauncey, Jr. Padgug, Philadelphia : Temple University Press, , Hausman, Bernice L. Irvine, Janice M. Parikas, Udo, and Teet Veispak. Plummer, Ken, ed. Padgug, eds. Robb, George. Somerville, Siobhan. Bartkowski, Frances, and Catherine Stearns. Chedgzoy, Kate. Martin's Press, Clark, Anna. Cowan, James C. Lawrence's Sexual Fallacies. Davenport-Hines, R. Richard Peter Treadwell , Sex, death, and punishment : attitudes to sex and sexuality in Britain since the Renaissance , London : Collins, Davidson, Roger.

Dowling, Linda, Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford , Ithaca and London: Cornell, Although her interests are more general, Dowling devotes a chapter to examining the Tractarian, or Oxford movement in the Church of England, which led to many converts to Roman Catholicism as well as the modern Anglo-Catholic movement.

She discusses the homosexuality in the lives of figures such as Gerard Manly Hopkins, Fr. Frederick Faber. Faber's book was the first to name names. Galloway, Bruce, ed. Hermeneutics Pesher Midrash Pardes. Allegorical interpretation Literalism. Gnostic Islamic Qur'anic. Inerrancy Infallibility. Main article: Jesus Myth. Archived from the original on 28 June Time Magazine. Conspiracy theories. List of conspiracy theories. Attitude polarization Cognitive dissonance Communal reinforcement Confirmation bias Locus of control Mass hysteria Paranoia Psychological projection.

Conspiracy theories in the Arab world Israeli animal theories Temple denial Conspiracy theories in Turkey. United States government. Denial of mass killings list Genocide denial. Categories : Bible conspiracy theories Christian Bible Conspiracy theories. Hidden categories: Articles with short description.

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