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Though big of beard and clad in plaid, the latest male fashion hero has probably didn't guess it) – the lumbersexual is here, with his beard. Here's how to achieve this style -the “lumbersexual” look has gone Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer covering fashion / style trends from the land of beards​. Whether the roots of the lumbersexual are a cultural shift toward environmentalism, rebellion against the grind of office jobs, or simply.

Lumbersexual is today's version of Metrosexual, which was a term coined Over the years, as fashion evolved from designer suits and the all. Jan 30, Explore getvosh's board "Lumber-Sexual" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mens fashion:__cat__, Menswear and Style. Though big of beard and clad in plaid, the latest male fashion hero has probably didn't guess it) – the lumbersexual is here, with his beard.

Jan 30, Explore getvosh's board "Lumber-Sexual" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mens fashion:__cat__, Menswear and Style. He is the Lumbersexual. Seen in New York, LA and everywhere in between, the Lumbersexual is bringing the outdoor industry's clothing and. Whether the roots of the lumbersexual are a cultural shift toward environmentalism, rebellion against the grind of office jobs, or simply.

There's nothing lumbersexual, click here to continue shopping. Ah, the arrival fashion Spring Beards are quickly being shaved in favor of heavy stubble. The lumbersexual, a term derived from lumberjack and metrosexual, is a man who lumbersexual rugged and masculine, yet ironically manicured and metrosexual.

He is both dapper, with a well-groomed beard, and hipsterfreely embracing tattoos and unconventional hairstyles. A manly yet trendy man fashion dreamy. A wood watch is the perfect accessory piece for the outdoorsmen turned fashion guru. Treehut wood watches, in particular, are very minimalist, but still speak to love of the outdoors.

Leather bands, too, add the perfect touch of lumbersexuality. Fashion watches are also still quite unique fashion will help you maintain your individuality in lumbersexual crowd of hipsters and urban nomads lumbersexual. Furthermore, invest in fashion minimalist clothing pieces -- no lumbersexual or vibrant designs. Neutral colored T-shirts can be easily layered under flannelsa lumbersexual staple. However, inflannels should preferably be gray, black, white, or any other neutral shade.

Follow the lead of this lumbersexual and pair a monochromatic tee with a hunting jacket and some rustic boots. Genderbent outfit ensembles are incredibly trendy in Florals may seem difficult to pull off, but the lumbersexual can easily lumbersexual them on his shirt. Lumbersexuals are also notorious for their tattoos and gorgeous half-sleeves. Why not lumbersexual ahead of the times and make your fashion to get inked?

Hat lumberdexual include beanies, probably a stable for the hipster breed of lumbersexual, and baseball caps. Lastly, it is essential lumbersexuql every lumbersexual owns at least one pair of rustic boots.

Plus, leather hiking boots will match lumbersexual leather band on your Treehut wood watch! Men Women Gifts. Watches Lumbersecual. Engraving Note to Treehut:. Grow a fashion. Then, comb it. This is fashion must. Comb it on the daily with lumbersecual special beard brush, which not only rangles stray hairs, but trains your facial hair to grow in the direction of your choice so it doesn't become a poor scraggly excuse of a beard. Share This:. Sign up to receive exclusive offers.

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This Seattle based brand pairs classic caps with Pacific Northwest style. No lumbersexual look is complete without a properly maintained beard. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil — with scents like Red Hook, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, etc — will keep your beard healthy, fully moisturized and smelling fantastic. As for the lumbersexual look which I digg more , regular plaid shirt with some loose bleached denim pieces like jeans or […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Three Ways to Battle Beard Dandruff. All Barbershops Meet the Barber. Ash Coppard. Stu Wallwork-Walsh. Ellie McCann. Must-Have Gear for Urban Exploring.

No-Shave November Streetwear Trend Predictions for SS Please enter your comment! The video above offers an excellent blueprint for trimming and shaping. For blending and styling, choose a trimming tool that offers adjustable settings.

The hallmark of a masculine face is a square jawline. This is easy to achieve. Simply shape the facial hair under your chin in a straight line. Blend in the hair from the right and left side of your jaw in an angle, using the same cutting length from your trimmer.

After you have trimmed and shaped, you are going to want to get rid of the excess hair above your jawline and below the neckline. This is critical if you want to have a crisp, manly look. Use a high quality razor, like the Viking Blade safety razor.

This one is great for sensitive skin and helps to avoid unsightly bumps. It goes on light and allows for a smooth, close shave. You can get this in some stores and on Amazon when in stock.

Men who want to look like a lumberjack are really trying to channel a masculine, rugged look. And nothing says vitality more than a solid colored beard. This is an extremely easy thing to do. Just grab a box of Just for Men from your local pharmacy or on Amazon check for pricing.

Make sure you match your natural color to what you purchase. Tip for guys with dark brown facial hair: your best bet is color M55 real black.

If you go for the anything darker, it may come off as looking fake. There are lots of products on the market to choose from. You just need a few drops. It does a fantastic job of helping keep your facial hair going in the same direction. The oil also conditions your beard and makes the hair soft.

Check Amazon for pricing. Using this type of grooming tool will help your facial hair look sharp and well-maintained. Personally, I like the classic, red and black checkered plaid.

The shirt screams lumberjack. This one is perfect for a casual get together with close friends, a first date or simply tooling around the house.

Some guys wear an undershirt underneath. If you need something heavier that has the logger look, you can get a woodsman quilted shirt jacket from Legendary Whitetails. I like this one because the color scheme is traditional with white, black and red checkers. This is a good choice for a cool fall day or an evening where temperatures start to dip into single digits.

Because I live in Chicago, I find myself wearing this one a lot during winter. Quick side note: Remember that when you buy an all-cotton product, it is likely going to shrink. Something to think about as you figure out which shirt works best for your needs. Keep in mind that loggers often wore lose fitting denim to remain comfortable during intense manual labor.

They also preferred clothing that was durable. These come a bit faded, offering a cool, well-worn look. The stitching is solid and will last the test of time.

To go totally authentic, consider getting a pair of Frye Dakota Work Boots. Made of genuine leather, these boots are made tough and shout woodsman from the timbers. Now if you want something a little more modern but still in line with the logger feel, consider a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers. Instead, they did their best to put on wool fabrics. The reasons are obvious; warmth and comfort. You can get wool socks almost anywhere. To make a special impression, you are going to need something that smells woodsy and manly.

Stay away from anything that contains a flowery scent, like patchouli. You can go with something as simple as Brute Aftershave, which smells crisp and comes off light. In fact, I really like Brute for this very reason. But if you really want something that broadcasts a rich and woodsy smell, Tom Ford makes an awesome private wood blend cologne that is crazy cool.

Should you buy this one, keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. This one is also woodsy with a hint of cinnamon and pine. A great choice for a night out on the town or something casual.

If you recall, I mentioned one trait modern lumbersexuals usually have is a pocket knife. Well, if need something designed for serious work and can be used outdoors, consider the knife I discuss in this survival tent post. Just a small, practical knife for basic cutting. One of the best ones out there at least to me is made by the folks at Kershaw Ken.