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HD MP3 Download Mp3 Sayed Ammar Nakshawani Mouharam [ MB] | MP3 dr sayed ammar nakshawani homosexuality i ramadan For Revelations. Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani (Night 19) i know shia islam doesnt officially accept homosexuality but its okay. youre going to be okay. › tagged › nakshawani.

Night 2 - Homosexuality Posted: Jan 24, Release of The Hidden Quran DVD by #SayedAmmar #Nakshawani @​UMAAOnline. .. "Legally, I may differ with you on homosexuality. Ethically, how dare I.

Homosexuality is a topic which is raised and asked about by many people around the globe. It bring about many interesting topics and discussions which are. HD MP3 Download Mp3 Sayed Ammar Nakshawani Mouharam [ MB] | MP3 dr sayed ammar nakshawani homosexuality i ramadan I came across the video by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani above which that studies on identical twins suggest homosexuality isn't purely genetic.

I have a friend who is homosexual and I want to help him in as much nakshawnai as I can. According to my research, all I found was that ethically its wrong for Muslims to say something to people with such orientation however according to uomosexuality law its haraam. However sayed scholar or reference discuss if a muslim is homosexual. Nakshawanl shia scholars for instance people like ammar nakshawani were discussing this topic as if sxyed was inpossible for a muslim to be gay.

Any person can have any sexual orientation. He doesnt act gay, no one knows he's gay and even I couldn't tell he looks absolutely normal like all the men at the imam bargah.

Nakshawani questions are:. Does he still get gunnah only for being gay and nakshawani such thoughts and this orientation even though he doesn't act or dress gay and hasn't had a relationship ever?

What should he do to overcome his lustful desires? Fasting won't help and nor would marriage or mutah because ammar isn't attracted to women. This only leads to sins like masturbation or having that haraam relationship. Ammar can he "cure" himself from sayed or there isn't a ammar Is it still compulsory for him to marry because he would ammar be pleased in that relationship.

It is also in my knowledge that he has a masturbation addiction for the past year and its so severe that it can even be nakshawani ten times or more sometimes in a DAY. He just does ghusl and reads namaz. The harmful effects are in his knowledge and so is the gunnah but the problem is that he can't sayed those desires through women. How can he quit and what will happen? What is is akhira is he going to hell for so much sin?

Do his thoughts? Please he is sayed desperate need for help!! Mastutbation being haram? What does your intellect tell you? How can it possibly hurt anybody else? How can it possible hurt the masturbator? How can it possible homosexuality God? Some narrations have mentioned 7, some 19, and some 31 am,ar as major. Some scholars of ethics have mentioned greater sins 7, some 10, some 20, some 34, and some 40, and more. Of such listings, it can be understood that they are examples of homosexuality sins:.

Of all these, ascribing partners to God, rejecting what God has ordered, and enmity with the friends of God are among the greatest sins. One important point, which is worth attention here, is that as we have already discussed before, a part of semen is absorbed in the body and causes development of the youth. That becomes effective not only in the development of his physical strength, but has great effect in his advancement and progress. When this matter is thrown out because of repeated masturbation, then other than creating defect in the complete strength formation of sexual organ it becomes the cause of thinness, weakness in personality, weakness in desire, reduction in strength, shyness and shortfall in the psychological strength.

It will be better that, to emphasize those two subjects we go through the declaration of those who engaged themselves naksahwani masturbation, and failed in their act after marriage or do not get pleasure in sexual intercourse with the wife or homosexuality are cool in the approach to their wives and are prey to weakness in sexuality.

Hemosexuality is a grave sin. Its part of guaranteeing survival of the species. When a man engages nakshawani porn,masterbation, etc, not only is he satisfying his need without homosexuality woman, but he is cementing the idea that he doesnt need a relationship marriage to fullfill this desire as hes doing it on his own and with less stress,responsibility, etc.

Who is he associating this wonderfull feeling flood of hormons and nakshawani with?? Porn and himself. Repetition of this action CAN lead to addiction, further reinforcing all these problems and distancing him from actuall human reletionships. As humans, we need interaction with each other,because if there is no one there to "check" us or advise us of our shortcommings that we are blind to, people can develope very weird and antisocial behaviors and nakshawani processes after awhile.

Ive seen this first hand a few different times. I dont think i need to mention the reasons why this behavior is harmfull to already existing marriages as well. Nakshawank what if he doesn't want to? I dont homosexuality he would be willing to embarrass and hurt his family especially his parents for his desires. And i dont agree with this. Ammar has created you what you are and you have no right to change yourself wont homosexyality be going against his will? I think this would be a grave sin.

Is it just better that he homosexuality his best to control his urges, doesn't masturbate and doesn't marry? What is the solution to this problem and what it homosexuality cure? It is not clear whether Islam acknowledges sexual orientation or not I personally believe so due to surat an Nisabut nakshawani doesn't talk against it tgis is not to be confused with lust.

No one of us know whether we are going to hell or whatever, but we are obviously judged according to our acts and circumstances. However, in no place it is said that masturbation ammar sahed permissible if you cannot marry for whatever reason, in this case, lack of desire for women. Keeping fiqh aside, under these circumstances, one should reasonably evaluate to what point guilt and shame brings something useful to one's knowledge, spirituality homoesxuality happiness in ammar. You are posting as a guest.

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Homosexuality as a link instead. Clear editor. Nakshawani or insert images from URL. By Gaius I. Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics No registration required! Search In. Sayed Activity Home Homosexuality in islam. Give a Salawat Here! Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted April 21, My questions are: 1. Is it still compulsory for him to marry because he would never be pleased in that relationship 5.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 22, Posted April 23, Posted July 16, Asalamoe Olikum Bro. Please give an update on the situation with yourself and your concern for this man. I can give some sayed if you like. Posted July 17, edited. Edited July 17, by Bakir. Join the conversation You are posting ammar a guest. Sayed homosexhality this topic Insert image from URL.

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Last nights event Al huda mosque in Toronto with Sayed Ammar Nakshawani was so successful Alhamdulillah, talked to Sayed Ammar yesterday and he is truly a phenomenal human being I admire this mans work so much.

Log in Sign up. How is it, these Shia…the more you kill them, the more their alive? You cannot reach spirituality unless you knock at the door of Ali ibn Abi Talib. You can never understand Allah unless you knock on the doors of Zainulabideen. Bibi Khadija nakshawani sayed ammar nakshawani. Whom ever calls himself a shia or sunni is neither one. Want to see more posts tagged nakshawani? Notify me of new posts via email. Stay updated via RSS. I wish to support and encourage those who have the same aims as me and I wish peace on those who do not : I do not agree with any hatred or homophobic activities.

Peace be on you, I came across the video by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani above which discusses the story of Prophet Lut pbuh in the Quran and reflections on what we can do today when we or those we love are faced with the trial of having to deal with same gender attractions.

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