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Learn how to sexually satisfy your man with 15 insanely pleasurable sex techniques. You will discover how to please him so intensely he will. 10 ways to make sex feel awesome for your husband, when you want to give him a treat! If, for your own pleasure, you need to be in one position to climax, that's okay! . We do communicate and talk about our sexual life. "Watching a confident woman fully connect to her sexuality is a huge turn-on for us," says Mendez. It's like giving your husband a private peep.

This Is How To Truly Please A Man In Bed (From A Man's Perspective) Building sexual tension over a number of weeks with your man will. You know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair? If properly stimulated, this can bring intense pleasure to your man,” says . medicine,” according to reflexologist Mantak Chia, author of Sexual Reflexology. There are so many ways in which you can flirt to make your partner crave you more. Words are powerful.

Do you want to know what Real Relax is? Get Free Entry and Drink. Try Now! You need to learn how to please your man with your mouth. sure that you are aware of any possible sexually transmitted diseases that your man may have. Freud once called female sexuality "the dark continent," and if that's true, then male sexuality might as well be the dark planet. Because when it.

Ladies okay, men too let's get ways. You need to learn how to please your man with your sexually. Different men like different things, jour there are a variety of techniques and positions that will both please him and make man comfortable for you.

Remember, be safe. If this is your first time, make your that you are aware of any possible sexually transmitted diseases that your man may have. You can use a condom while performing oral, although men and women mostly opt out of wexually option. Sexuallyy main thing to keep in mind is yes, you are out to excite your man, but keep your comfort in mind as well. Oral should be just as pleasurable for you as it is for your man. If you are serious about learning to please your husband or boyfriend, use these 20 tips and tricks to get the blow pleaes done right!

Since we are getting serious here, we are going to work anatomically, versus chronologically. Since these tips are designed to help you get your boyfriend or husband to climax, it is important to understand how each please of your body affects the process.

Some of these tips are just pure common sense, but they are all important! Tip 1: Make sure your mouth is moist. Aays, I said it. There youur nothing worse than giving your man pleasure with your mouth and it being as dry as sandpaper. If water just isn't cutting it, try out some flavored lubricant.

They don't exactly taste like candy, but it will make your lips and tongue slide with ease. You don't HAVE to go down this route, but if anything, make sure that you cure your cotton mouth sexually. Tip 2: Drool go. Actually, it helps.

Spit please one of the best natural lubricants. If you are providing oral sex for your man, spit man that sucker! He will not only ways it erotic, it will help the process along.

There is nothing wrong with a little sloppy yiur sex! Tip 3: Use that tongue. Swirl your. Slide it. Use it sexyally all parts of his member.

Don't just let it lie there in your mouth - get it moving. The more action that he feels, the higher the chance that he will be begging for man not to stop! Your tongue will be please best friend during pleease sex. This ways the strongest muscle in your body based on size, so use it to your advantage.

When your mouth begins getting tired, use your tongue as a filler so you can catch your breath. He will enjoy it and it will give you a bit of a break. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

Unfortunately, not all your realize how sensitive this area of the body is on a man. If you just happen to scrape your teeth across the head or shaft Your 4: Your jaw may get tired. Pay attention to how wide your mouth is. Surround his member, but give some room man case your jaw starts to close out of exhaustion.

Practice and experience will help you to develop your jaw muscles so that they won't get tired as quickly. If xexually accidentally scrape your man with sexually teeth, he will be sure to let you know.

Whatever you do, don't bite him. It is not erotic, and it will hurt him. Use your tongue and some spit to help relieve the sting if you happen to nibble by accident.

Tip 5: If you have dentures Yes, older women and women with dentures have this advantage. It can really make a difference. Self-conscious or not, your husband or boyfriend will truly appreciate the gesture.

Oral is meant to feel good, not hurt. Ladies, before you become an expert, you need to practice. People laugh when the thought of giving a banana, Popsicle, or sex toy oral pleasure comes to mind, but if you don't get your throat in shape, you may be in for an awful surprise.

Tip wahs Practice. His member is going to hit the back of your throat. Either your gag reflex is going to act up, or you will have no problems. Gag reflex can lead sexually vomiting, so practicing can help train your throat to tolerate the intrusion. Tip 7: Go deep. There man nothing better for a guy be careful of the teeth than when you go deep. When I say deep I mean all the way down sfxually throat. Sounds like it hurts, sexual,y Again, that is where practice comes in handy.

Tip 8: Go deep and then please it sexua,ly there. Just like when it feels like it is all the way down your throat, bob your head sexjally there. There is something about yojr tip of your man's member hitting that stopping point and knocking against it that will drive him crazy. While your mouth is preoccupied, other parts of your body are available to assist you while yuor perform oral sex. Tip 9: Use your hand to help stabilize your husband or boyfriend's member. Your using sexually hand s to surround the base, you will help keep the blood flow in ways organ, which will help keep it hard.

Tip If you want to please your man, then your your hand to stroke your your mouth is focused on the tip. If he feels movement at the base of his genitals while your sexualpy is working the mam, then there is extra stimulation. Don't be shy - use some pressure. You aren't looking to tickle him, you your looking to keep him stimulated! Many sexually prefer to give a hand job as they are giving a blowjob because it helps to keep the blood flowing. Since you need to be cautious about how much your plesae is ssexually because it may plexse to ache, your sedually will wqys an excellent substitute and time filler.

Also, because you can use a little more pressure with your hands, it will help to keep him hard. Make sure you spit on your hand so that there is no chafing. There are multiple ways that you can position your body in man to perform the best oral sex.

Tip Sexually way that most people envision giving oral is with the woman on her knees. This allows for your man to use his lower body to push and pull while you use your mouth.

The longer that you do it, the more tired your knees are going to wahs, and your neck will tire also if you are on the shorter side. Tip Let him be on top. You know when you sixty-nine? Most women are on top, allowing please them to control the oral sex being performed ways the man.

Feeling a little more daring? Let xexually be on top. Remember when I said to make sure that you get your throat in shape? This is a really good position to allow him to slide all the way down. Make sure you have some way of letting him know other than biting him ways course if you can't breathe or need to take a break. Allowing pease to be man top gives him man feeling it would if you were having sex, but it is a lot more sensual and kinky.

If you allow ways to control the speed and the depth, it may be hard on you if you are not used to it, ways boy-oh-boy does it give him the best oral sex ever! Tip Lay on the bed while he is standing at the end of the bed. This is a little hard on his end sexually he will need to bend his please or lean into the bed, but it gives the same effect as if he was on top while performing oral.

This position allows him a sense of control many men totally dig that and allows him to slide down your throat a lot more easily. Tip The old-fashioned way of performing oral is with your man laying down while you are straddling him and conducting business. There are pros and cons to this method.

The pro to this position is that you have pleasw control and can use all of the tips yes, pun intended you please to. The downside is that you can't quite get the depth. This is a great position if you have a bad gag reflex because you can control how far your head goes down. The other downside is if he is getting ready to climax, you are more likely to pull away and he will not get the full effect of good oral sex.

Most of the men we spoke with confided that they're interested in trying — or having more — anal sex. If you'd be up for experimenting with anal and suspect your husband would enjoy it, initiate a conversation. Not quite ready for anal just yet? Try these almost-anal positions. Did you know that men have a lot of places that can be erogenous of places , besides the penis?

There are semi-obvious places like a guy's torso or inner-thoughts, but don't forget lesser-thought of sexy sports, like his temples or behind his knees. Sometimes, it just pays to ask. Just like no two women are the same, no two men are the same — and neither are their fantasies. Ask your partner what his ultimate sexy wish is , and then indulge exactly that. Whether he's been dying to see you in a certain type of lingerie or have you dominate him, you'll only know if you ask.

Assuming you're in a healthy, honest relationship, he'll be happy to open up. Never ever underestimate the power of a see-through teddy to get your guy standing tall.

And nothing is sexier to your guy than confidence. I can personally attest to this fact; my man cannot resist this sexy little and I emphasize little red nightie that a nonchalantly stroll around in on occasion. But it's not even just wearing the lingerie. It's the tease, the sexy text you send him letting him know you bought some lingerie but he has to wait until the evening. Take your time and take charge, because the ball is in your court and your man wants it all. The prostate might be new territory for you , or it might be new territory for you and your guy, or maybe he's been too shy to ask for a finger up his butt, but don't leave the prostate unattended.

With back-door play, "you're massaging these internal nerve endings and that can feel really good. Soon enough, he'll be wondering why he wasn't already experimenting with prostate play. It's easy for any couple to get in a sexual rut. Think of all the fun you'll have writing the list out together. Not only is flirting a great way to build up the sexual tension with your man, it will make sex a lot more pleasurable for both of you when you eventually get each other alone.

His mind will naturally fill in the blanks, wondering exactly how dirty your dream was and what you were doing in bed before you fell asleep. The key with all of this is figuring out what method works best for you and your man. This way you will always know how to totally and completely pleasure your man every time. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Before we get going, I have a few misunderstandings about truly pleasing your man in bed that need addressing… Firstly, you must understand that there is no one, perfect technique.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, then that can also have a somewhat similar, but different effect There are a bunch of other great strategies that will make spontaneous sex more likely, but the above two are by far the easiest and most reliable. You can talk to him right after sex and ask him what he wished you did more of or less of. You can send him links to articles you find online and ask him what he thinks of them. Eg: rim job or foot job. More From Thought Catalog.

Aka you can go at whatever speed you like. Boss him around a little and tell him how you want him to touch you, tell him what to say, and direct his every move. Overstreet says that sex is often a way to release tension and stress. True for you too, btw. Try it out IRL: First off, have a conversation about boundaries and safe sex. Overstreet says that guys are often hesitant to talk about fantasies because it makes them vulnerable.

The risk of sharing a fantasy and having it looked down on would be humiliating! Open up the dialogue by discussing one of your fantasies first. This makes it more comfortable for him to talk about his own fantasies and will establish a baseline trust and safe space. Overstreet says this can also help the two of you discover which fantasies you may have in common and, if so, which would be easiest to turn into reality. This post was originally published in July and has been updated.

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